Makino F5-5XR

Vertical 5-Axis
The F5-5XR vertical machining center combines the speed, precision and flexibility required for tight-tolerance, 5-axis, hardmilling applications. 

Based upon the F5, the F5-5XR is an affordable 5-axis solution for complex die/mold, aerospace and medical parts.

The F5-5XR offers the same speed and precision of the F5, but with the added flexibility inherent to 5-axis machining centers. Using simultaneous 5-axis, “2+3 machining” or even simple five-face machining techniques, the F5-5XR helps manufacturers reduce part setup and handling, cut lead-times, improve quality and lower costs while providing outstanding precision and fine finishes in very demanding, complex, 3-D contoured part applications.

The F5-5XR provides X-, Y- and Z-axes travel of 35.4 inches, 19.7 inches and 17.7 inches, respectively. The 39.4-inch-by-19.7-inch machine worktable provides ample room for the 5XR table and workpiece arrangement, as well as additional table space for a vice to accommodate other non-5-axis work and an optional laser Automatic Tool Length Measurement (ATLM) system.

  • Technical Specifications

    Precision Tilting Rotary Table
    The F5-5XR’s new rotary table design offers advanced performance with increased speed, accuracy and power. Its compact design provides an expanded work zone over previous rotary tables, facilitating larger workpieces.

    A dual-taper, double-disc braking mechanism generates higher clamping torque for both the tilt and rotary axes, supporting heavier cutting forces in hard materials. This table design also offers improved productivity through increased tilt and rotary speeds, while maintaining precise positioning accuracies with a repeatability of ±2 arc seconds.


    Wide-Ranging Capability
    Included in the standard configuration of the F5-5XR is a highly productive 20,000-rpm, HSK-A63 spindle that incorporates Makino’s patented core-cooling, under-race and jacket spindle temperature control system. The two-range spindle supplies unique, wide-range capability with the stiffness and rigidity at lower ranges for roughing operations, and vibration/chatter-free production of small details and fine features utilizing small tools at high rpm. In addition, a 30-tool magazine provides capacity for a wide array of tooling.


    F5-5XR Software
    The F5-5XR utilizes the Makino Professional 5 control, which affords the perfect blend of a Windows CE operating system’s graphical user interface (GUI), touch-screen selection offering instant access to information literally at your fingertips, user-friendly, efficient, PC-like capability for data management and editing, and the networking and storage capability of a data center.

    Also featured in the F5-5XR is Makino’s proprietary, next-generation Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4) software, developed specifically for high-feedrate, tight tolerance machining of complex, 3-D contoured shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data, ensuring production rates faster than standard CNC systems while maintaining high accuracy. SGI.4 helps provide the lowest cycle times and costs achievable by reducing machining cycle times on dies, complex cavities and cores, and medical parts by as much as 40 percent when compared to most other control technologies.


    Standard Specifications:

    • 20,000-rpm, HSK-A63 Spindle
    • Two-Range Spindle
    • Scale Feedback for X-, Y-, and Z-Axes
    • Tsudakoma TN-161
    • Tilt-Trunion Table
    • Thirty (30)-Tool Magazine
    • ATC Shutter
    • Professional 5 Control
    • Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.4)
    • Tool Center Point Control
    • Rotary Table Dynamic Fixture Offset
    • Tilting Work Plane
    • 3-Dimensional Cutter Compensation
    • Data Center Storage (160 MB)
    • Part Program Storage (160 Meters)
    • Program Numbers (120)
    • Rigid Tapping (G84)
    • Centralized Auto Grease
    • Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
    • Fixed Manual Pulse Generator
    • Air Dryer
    • Inch/Metric Selection
    • Helical Interpolation
    • Programming Data Input (G10)
    • Tool Offset Pairs (64 Total)
    • Tool Offset Memory C
    • Cutter Compensation C


    Optional Specifications:

    • 30,000-rpm, HSK-F63 Spindle
    • Graphite Package
    • Lift-up Chip Conveyor



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